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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we welcome you to august on this monday, temperatures cooling down just a little bit, and your forecast in a moment. welcome back to mornings on 2, and it is monday, august 1, and i am brian flores.>> good morning, i am pam cook. i don't want to say it, but we are getting toward the end of summer. it already feels like it.>> when that breeze kicks in, that is true. a lot of things are way ahead of schedule. but what is on schedule is the fog bank, and it was held in check, but not now. flying over the coastal hills and making a good little push. low clouds and fog in place with a decent breeze, 30 in the
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delta, making it to vacaville. temperatures inland coming down into the 80s, 50s and 60s for the water temperatures, and low 60s for some, and 50s for others. this strong system will begin to dig in late wednesday or thursday. until them 60s, 70s and 80s with a few low 90s. let's hope things are quite at let's hope things are quite at 4:31 am. so far we are looking good all around the bay area. if you are heading out the door at this hour, you are in a pretty good spot. let's take a look at the north day, you can see on the maps, solano county super commuters, coming in from vacaville or fairfield going westbound on 80 through vallejo, everything is looking good at this early hour. showing you what it looks like at the bay bridge toll plaza, more and more cars coming through the pay gates, but still a good time to make the
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trip. no backups reported coming up toward the maze. coming in from lorain county and into san francisco across the golden gate bridge, this is the right on 101, not many folks making the trip yet, but of course he get busier -- of course it will get busier, and we will track it for you. new this morning, san francisco police are investigating a burglary at an antiques door in the financial district -- antique store in the financial district. $35,000 of antique silver stolen from the danielle stein antique store on jackson street. they are still searching for the suspects, and will bring you live report. oakland police say a man was found stabbed to death over the weekend near a school. at about 8:30 pm saturday night the police were called to an area on hillside at street less than a mile away from the
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bishop high school. someone killed the man using a knife and no arrests have been made in the corners office -- the coroner's office is working to identify the victim. police officers nearly struck by gunfire on foot patrolling the area near the pixar studios and they saw a bullet ricochet on the ground near them. they found a 9 mm bullet lodged into the nearby building. they're calling it the negligent discharge of a firearm, and no one was injured and no suspect has been found. the officers are on edge after several police officers have been ambushed, including five in dallas. the emeryville police chief will join us to talk about the worries on law enforcement and discussing the trip to the white house where she will meet with the law enforcement from across the country to discuss leasing strategies. a new report showing the
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san francisco police officers arrested on suspicion of delanie gun possession has been in trouble with the department before. officer thomas abramson was disciplined for an illegal search and put on probation for lying to superiors. last week he was charged with manufacturing and possessing a assault rifle that was banned in pleaded not guilty. block party's will be held around the bay area for the national night out, the event is a way for neighbors to get to know each other. and it is a will to build the trust between the community and the police department. people will hold block party's throughout the city, in san rafael says that the event is more important than ever this year. the soberanes fire continues to grow and is burn more than 62 mi.2 south of
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carmel. new evacuation orders went into effect due to the wind, 57 homes burned, 2000 others remain threatened. the latest report shows it 18% contained, and we expect an update after the fire crews have a chance to fly over the burn zone. it could take a month or more before the fire is actually out. the fire risk is even higher in california with the recent hot weather increasing the danger. the sierra's fire is now 100% contained, and cal fire says that contain was probably started when the lawnmower blade hit a rock in the fire was pushed by the light winds, burning 114 acres. this is a good example of how lots of small fires can keep the crews very busy. >> statistically disher, we are higher in the fire count the last year. we did get some rain, and the
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grass crop that resulted is carrying the fire.>> fire crews say this makes it easier for the wildlife to get away from the flames, and they saw several field mice that were able to out run the fire and get to safer locations. the mud crews are working to repair a ruptured water line in berkeley, and iron pipe burst flooding the streets in the area, leaving about two dozen homes without water. the spokesperson for the department says that the pipe was installed nearly 80 years ago. >> when the pipes are older in age, they are more vulnerable, like we saw today. >> water service has been restored to half of the homes, and the east bay hopes to fix the pipes and have the water back for everybody later in the
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morning. patrols are being increased along the marin county trail after bikers found what looks like a spike strip on the ground in a photo was posted on facebook. the rubber strip has rusted screws attached to it. the san francisco chronicle reports that those that found it said it was attached to the ground with 7 inch spikes in this crews were facing upward. and hikers and bikers in the area have been feuding about the use of the trails, and the marin county sheriff's deputies are investigating. two teenage boys in custody accused of going on a crimes bury -- crime spree in vacaville. they robbed several fast food restaurants and gas stations armed with guns and knives. all of the businesses were located along the same street in vacaville, and the armed robbers all took place in the last week.>> we have not seen this type of violent takeover
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style robbery at this age. >> no one was injured in the police arrested the young suspects over the weekend after talking with witnesses. a florida man is being held in the marin county jail on charges he defrauded a sausalito woman of $120,000. the woman downloaded a program offering the free upgrade and that infected the computer with a virus and was followed by several pop-up ads offering repair programs and services. the victim said she paid for one program and someone hacked into her financial accounts. that included moving money from her retirement funds and inter- checking account, which led to her being told to get several cashier's checks. the victim contacted the police and arrested the suspect when he picked up the checks. friday night pamela was out
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playing a game in a friend said she did not want to hunt for pokimon alone, but instead of finding monsters, they found a toddler wandering around by herself in a diaper and shirt. the woman stayed with the girl even after two boys arrived and said that she was there sister. >> it would've broke my heart if i have driven past and not stopped because i could not have lived with myself if something happened to that little girl. >> the little girl was returned to her grandmother who she lived with, and the authorities said it was a good home but the grandmother lost track of the toddler for a second when she wandered away. the sun city new budget, 9.6 $9.6 billion spending plan in crews a -- in a program that has a budget for the homeless.
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a busy weekend on the bay area roads, especially traveling along the peninsula. bart shut down the tracks between the park and the city stations, and using bart took longer than usual with the lace up to one hour. there are six more weekends of the shutdowns plans, and they're running bus shuttles while they do the work. 4:40 am is the time. call to action, the groups submitting the petition for the removal of the judge in the brock turner sexual assault case. and the study that says coffee prices in the bay area are some of the highest in the nation. >> i would believe that. a nice-looking commute around the bay area with no major issues. we will come back and show you what your commute looks like come in from pittsburg and bay point. far enough inland nice, other areas in the 80s and staying there for a while.
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the new miss teen usa will get the keeper crown despite the controversy of using racial slurs on her twitter page in the past. these tweets resurfaced after she was crowned and she apologized, saying she was going through personal struggles and regrets her words. the miss universe organization said that the language was unacceptable but the organization is committed to supporting her growth. and
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last night, so these hollywood biggest stars received surfboards, more than 37 million voters, voting online. chris evans to calm an award, david ridley won and award for the breakout star on "star wars." and the biggest honor goes to justin timberlake who accepted his a decade award.>> it is a reminder of what it means to be doll around entertainment. -- what it means to be an all- around entertainer. you name it, he can do it. talking about the gun violence in pointing out that many of those impacted by gun violence are teenagers. everyone working in san leandro must be paid $15 an hour by 2020.
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there had been a proposal to give small businesses an extra year to boost to the wages, but supporters of the citywide plan say that those they go to locally owned businesses will still go to them even if prices go up because the prices will go up around the city. the increase will come july 1 when it goes up to $12 an hour. 4:45 am. a new jolt to the coffee lovers, the coffee prices in the bay area among the highest in the u. s. and some are willing to pay for it, like alex savage. and a cup of coffee $7.56, and $.50 cheaper with an average of $5.99 in san francisco, and oakland is that i've dollars 98.
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-- $5.98. expensive coffee.>> i have my cup of joe over here, and there are not a lot of coffee shops open it 3 am. -- open at 3 am.>> for a nice cappuccino or a latte, you have to pay. grab your cup of coffee, and if you're heading out the door, i think you are in a pretty good spot. we have one area of slowing we are keeping an eye on in the livermore valley. the tracy super commuters getting busier coming from tracy and the other cities in the area, 580 westbound getting more busy coming through the livermore valley. in looking at highway 4 from the antioch area, westbound on highway 4, more people making the ride. if you make the trip, now would be a good time to get out the door. looking at the san mateo
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bridge, you can see the folks on the right-hand side have crossed through the toll plaza, heading westbound toward the peninsula, still a good-looking commute early on this monday morning. back in the weather center. where you belong. >> this is good to be here. a good spot. we have a good little fog bank out there taking his push inland, this week much cooler than last week. low clouds and water temperatures coming up. the lows near the coast and the bank have come up in we expect water temperatures to go back down later in the week. the current weather in antioch, 57 with calm wind and 86% humidity. morning fog through wednesday and by thursday and friday cooler and even up to antioch and clear rate -- clear lake
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and down to gilroy. we have a pattern of 60s and 70s for many, 60s in some that were in the 100s just last week. low clouds making their search inland and that helped, water temperatures up at 52 through 58, and i think the trend will reverse itself. the delta breeze at 23 with wind gusts up to 30, and 50s and 60s on the temperatures, warmer in oakland than it would in santa rosa. san jose at 62. brentwood 58, antioch 57, and 56 concord, everyone is very close. martinez at 58. some low clouds at livermore with the westerly component, and up to sfo. and a little bit of an easterly breeze, and overall statewide that monsoon moisture has made it up to parts of the sierra
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nevada. thunderstorms rumbling and some of it made it to the crest of the sierra and it looks like that will decrease after today. low clouds and fog into san diego. pressure hanging on for a few days and another system digging in to the pacific northwest bringing in this cooler pattern by wednesday. breezy and windy at the delta area, 60s for 90s, 97 in clearlake, 92 vacaville, 90s out toward antioch, brentwood. livermore 87, 71 berkeley and alameda at 67. san jose downtown low 80s, and 60s on the coast, and 70s and low 80s on the peninsula. the same into wednesday and much cooler on thursday and friday. we will level off into the weekend. i think i'm spending a week in tahoe in a
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week and a half. >> i think it will be sunny, but i don't think any thunderstorms.>> that would be fun to have that happen. temperatures have been hot of their -- hot up there and cooling down. but brian, you will be on vacation, so does it matter? >> no it doesn't. draymond green is under fire once again, coming up the very private photo that was released in what he has to say. reuniting lost dogs with the owners, the technology they are using to get the pets back home.
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the controversial pastor at the verity baptist church, drawing criticism from the anti- gay comments when he praised the shooting rampage at the gay nightclub in orlando, and holding of movement.>> i love
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the word of god and that tells me not to hate. >> my bible tells me in john you cannot have hate for your brother and have the love of god in your heart, clearly a contradiction. >> the people say should be up place for love and acceptance, not hate and discrimination. in montana, a young male grizzly bear has been released into the forest to help with the effort to increase the grizzly bear population. they have been picking one to two bears a year and moving them to the forest grounds, and there are about 50 grizzly bears in the area, and this is the first of 15 that they plan on releasing. the central valley animal rescue group using technology to reunite the lost pets with the families, and they call themselves, "lost and found pets 209, for the area code."
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and lulu got out at the lodi truckstop several weeks ago, and the owners search for her but had to leave to finish their route. and they are using all of their possible resources.>> and i called them and told them that we have her.>> we did things we had not thought of, and collectively came up with ideas. what did not work, we tried something else. >> the lost and found pets 209 say the volunteers step up because they are doing what they would want someone to do it they lost their animal. and 80-year-old woman living in sonora celebrating her birthday doing something that many people would not dare. not content to sit at home while celebrating her birthday, she decided to jump out of an airplane. this was near stockton, and she said she was nervous but it did not keep her from making the
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leap.>> it was cold, and did peaceful and beautiful, i had such a good time.>> she is 80, and she says that she may skydive again on her 90th birthday. that harry potter mania is still alive and well as people rushed to see the new play based on the latest book. it is the final story of the harry potter saga, and it will debut in london at midnight on sunday. this is five years after potter mania peaked after the book was made into a movie.>> people should beg are still just to get a ticket to see this show, it is amazing, the best thing i have ever seen. >> this will be the last book based on the boy wizard, 20 years after the first harry potter book was released. already 20 years.
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>> those are the best movies, plays everything. coming up, the video has surfaced suggesting that the bart police used excessive force. the investigation underway in the reason authorities they the incident was justified. controversy continues over the response of donald trump to the father of the fallen american soldier. the latest on the campaign trail coming up. a few spots a slowing and we will show you what to ride looks like on the peninsula into san francisco. a good fog bank said ling -- signaling a trend.
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good morning. the bay area woman shot and killed while on vacation in texas, and what we are learning from the witnesses in the investigation that is underway. with the conventions of behind us, less than 100 days away from election day, and we will have the latest on the campaign trail. this is ktvu mornings on 2.>> i love this angle, you can
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see almost the entire bridge, very pretty. some music for you on this monday morning, monday, monday, 1 august and thank you for waking up with us. it is good to see steve paulson back from vacation, and i'm dave clark. thank you, pam and date, still have some cool weather on tap, and cooler and it will be 70s in areas that were 100 last week. and welcome back from our good friend john, thank you. this week will be nice, nice or i should say. unless you are stock plan or inland, it is still hot, 50s and 60s with warmer temperatures in oakland


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